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Welcome to Encompass home consulting. My name is Joe Cosmas and I am the owner operator. Way back in the late eighties into the new millennium  before flipping houses was a fashionable tv show concept I owned a cleaning and maintenance contracting business.  for very many of those years we worked closely with home owners as well as (flippers) to prepare houses for sale.

Part landscape design part painting contractor we took a very common cense approach to preparing for sale of a property. We take a common sense approach to real-estate, see what’s out there and make yours better. Take what you have and expand primp and polish.

Because the exterior provides a critical first impression, Encompass home consulting will start assessing from the outside in. with a comprehensive check list, we then evaluate the interior aesthetics and major components. With those assessments, we are able to make recommendations to help ensure your biggest investment yields the highest profits possible.

Budgeting is always paramount, so we work with the home owner to develop a plan of execution to prepare the properties sale. Id be pleased to bring this service to your home.

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We will work with you to create a visually pleasing first impression by consulting with you, the owner, on your exterior creating the kind of curb appeal that attracts the best offers.


We will assess your interior paint, molding, doors, and windows helping create a neutral environment where buyers can envision having family dinners and holiday parties, making buyers fall in love with your space. 



We help make sure your home appeals to buyers practical senses by helping assess your electric, roofing, siding, heat and air, to ensure the highest offers. 


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