Do I need a pre-evaluation?

Not by law.

Why should I get a pre-evaluation?

One way to ward off low ball offers and secure the best possible offers are to make sure your home is in top notch shape inside and out.

What do you inspect?

We offer different packages according to your wishes and needs. We can do a full home or just concentrate on inside or outside.

How much does a pre-evaluation cost?

Our initial consultation is free. We take a couple minutes to chat and see if you even need us. if you do our packages start around $99 dollars or a walk around. Then increase depending on the intensity of the evaluation.   

When should I have a pre-evaluation done?

Ideally before your home is listed, but if your home's listed and not selling then that could be an indication that you need our help.

What does work with you mean?

We strongly suggest you take on what ever work needed on your house yourself! (more money in your pocket) With that said we also can execute the work for you.